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Water Fitness

We often speak about how important staying fit is especially as we age. As age begins to set in, certain things begin to happen. Joint pain, arthritis, and loss of energy are just a few of the very common ones, sometimes making activity difficult. However, one of the better exercise options for senior citizens happens to be time in the water.

Water fitness calls images of swimming laps. While this is typically how people decide to use water for fitness, there are lots of other options in the pool. Water aerobics, water yoga, and even lifting weights under the water has become popular with those seeking a way to improve fitness without putting too much pressure on joints.

Water fitness is low impact. It is not weight-bearing and therefore easier on the joints since water supports body weight. While this reduces the strain in general and decreases the chances of injury, the increases in resistance creates the ability to use multiple muscle groups with every small movement.

Studies have shown that not only is swimming great for fitness, it also reduces stress and has been shown to reduce falls - both during the workout and out of the water by improving core strength, leading to improved balance.

Our local William Shore Memorial Pool does offer exercise and therapy classes for all fitness levels, including water aerobics and aqua dance & Zumba. Saint Andrews Place in 2017 will begin to take our seniors down a few times a month for an opportunity of improved mental and physical health for all of our amazing residents.

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